Drone of the Month

Drone of The Month

A Collaboration between teasea & Tim White

Written by teasea (he/him)


Welcome to sonic & visual calm. This series is meant to ease the stresses of the pace of life and lift you to a state of internal/external/solo/or shared stillness. The idea came from a need to create a self calming space and grew into a collaborative idea to share and spread the chill. We’ve partnered with visual artist/filmmaker Tim White creates unique, encapsulating footage through different analog and material based techniques. February’s video consists of footage shot through a cloud tank using milk and food coloring intermixing within layers of fresh and salt water. The footage gives a visual and ambient window to the musical soundscapes, which I tend to make regularly as a way to cope with the balance of my own life. Creating drones that continuously loop and sometimes slowly grow have helped me to express and understand my own whirlwind of experience. We hope this brings some peace to your spaces physically, mentally and emotionally. Recommended to listen/watch before bed, as a wind down activity, in the bath perhaps or cuddling with loved ones. 

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