still(here)_Weeze Rework

Weeze releases a rework of his brother(teasea)’s song “still”

Written by Tom Criblez(teasea)

Cover art by Dan Criblez

Take a breath. 

     Feel the fresh air move through your lungs. The stillness of the current moment. The quality time with one self. This sensation is the goal when listening to ambient music. So rewind to the sunlit, immaculate fall day of my 28th birthday. On a secluded beach on Long Island my brother Dan Criblez, also known as the artist Weeze, had a sonic birthday gift to share with me. He pressed play and I closed my eyes. Immediately transported into a rework of my own song (“still” by teasea off the late 2021 release self). The groove of thumping electronic drums and nifty bass playing over my looped guitars all lifting up the core solitude the original track embodies. Nostalgic, airy vocals live atop the variation of the b section, bringing the track to new spaces. Much love can be felt throughout the entire blissful wash of the little over 2 minute rework marking another symbol of shared connection. As an artist, I’ve never felt more understood. 

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still(here)_Weeze Rework

     From multimedia artist Dan Criblez – Weeze is a genre-bending nostalgic music project exploring experimental song writing and mindscape sound worlds. Weeze has released a diverse discography of singles and EP’s exploring multiple genres like, art pop, ambient, alternative, and experimental. Created with the intention of deep listening, the music is multi-layered with the sounds of piano, samples, synth, and creative beats. Collaborating with his brother Tom Criblez (a.k.a teasea), the 2 perform as a duo exploring the power of brotherly ambience.