Ambient Pasta is a community of creatives making & releasing multi-sensory projects and events. Our goal is to blur the lines between creative industries and give opportunities to artists of all mediums. Bringing people together through food, music, art, and anything creative to create community and unique experiences. We release and support projects through our music label & production team and strive to continue to grow through new concepts & experiments.

Dan Criblez is a multi-medium artist and curator creating music, film/animation & fine arts. Dan explores the relationship between audio & visual worlds through his surrealistic ideas & imaginative execution. Curating and directing art events since 2018, Dan has created opportunities for his work as well as for his community of talented artists & friends.

Soup Supporter


Art Director & Curator


Michael John Mimmo is an independent chef exploring the food genres of homemade pasta, meats, & innovative Italian cuisine. He is the sauce curator for hot sauce company, Heatonist-tasting and contributing to small batch sauce makers worldwide.

Meat and cheese enthusiast 


Head Chef


Tom Criblez is a musician, artist and pizza chef. Creating ambient guitar music under sur-name, teasea, Tom’s flip side of his coin is his passion in experimental rock drumming. Playing behind the kit since 10 years old, Tom has recorded and performed in many different projects over the years. 1/2 of experimental pop/soul project, Ritual Talk.

Cleanliness advocate


Music & Vibe Curator


Julie Criblez is a pastry chef freshly graduated from the Culinary Institute of America. Creating with passion and butter, she invents unique desserts and pastries with innovative flavors combinations and techinques. Starting her own D.I.Y baking project, “It All Starts With Butter”, Criblez feeds and supply’s happiness for the people of New York.

Chocolate Consumer 


Director of Desserts


Minestrone Mimmo is the baby of the Ambient Pasta family. She enjoys and drinks from any collection of water whether its our guest’s glass or the bottom of the shower. She eats only dry food but her one exception is Parmigiano cheese when it is left out on the table, which makes her father very proud. She does her own thing but still enjoys people and ambient music. She has a hard time accepting and understanding drums. 

Situational Cuddler 


House cat 


Our friends & family, with us along the ride

Sara Laufer

Photographer & Videographer

Virgo (she/her)

Ali Akhtar

Creative Coder

Cancer (he/him)


Tim White

Analog Video Creator

Sagittarius (he/him)

Carli Naff

Musician & Writer

Pisces (she/her)

Phillip Shung

Photographer & Videographer

Tauris (he/him)

Lis Ortiz


Scorpio (they/them)

Alex DeSimine

Musician & Film Composer

Gemini (he/they)

Karina Garcia

Chef Cocina Consuelo



Bernardo Ochoa

Artist & Musician

Scorpio (he/him)

Julia Zanin De Paula

Film Director & Editor

Leo (she/her)

Alejandro Veciana

Filmmaker, Writer & Mixologist

Sagittarius (he/him)

Evan Lane

Creative Coder

Pisces (he/him)

Yves Pasquarelli

Creative Coder & Filmmaker

Leo (he/him)

Djavan Guy

DJ & Musician

Aquarius (he/him)

Gigi Butler

Writer & Creative

Aries (they/them)

Dylan Gleit

Guitarist & Writer

Aries (he/him)

Catherine Croft

Stop Motion Animator

Gemini (she/they/he)

Carolyn Ambrosich

Writer & Musician

Pisces (she/they)